What about erotic?

Have you ever thought about giving your partner an erotic massage? He might thank you very much and like it. I write from my own experience. Erotic massage has many forms. Someone condemns erotic massage. Another supports her. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with erotic massage. Erotic massage is exciting and in high demand these days. Have you asked yourself how you can give your partner an erotic massage? It is completely simple and the partner does not have to pay anything (after all, you are his girlfriend and now in the role of a seductive masseuse). Put your friend on the bed and slowly start touching him. It will excite a friend. Continue with gentle kissing.


Start from the chest and work your way down to where the most sensitive parts are. Then he starts gently touching you too. Partner erotic massage is simply the best. You and your partner are going through an awful lot. It`s quite better and different than ordering an erotic massage from someone you don`t know at all. Your partner knows what turns you on and what doesn`t. That`s the advantage. He knows your arousal zones. And he knows what will make you climax. Who wouldn`t be excited by the sight of their partner during an erotic massage? I dare to say that every man is turned on by his partner (if he is not in a relationship with her only out of reason).


Your partner will turn you on, and after an exciting massage, you will have wonderful sex… for making your partner so turned on, you will put her on your bed. You start kissing each other gently, both of you are very excited. Then you start moaning. Do you know the location of 69? So exactly in this case it fits. Your partner licks your natural and you lick his. You can lick until you reach full climax, or after a few minutes you can start having sex together with your partner, it`s entirely up to you. The main thing is that you both enjoy it. Sex is about the two of you, and that`s why you should have a partner who respects you and treats you well.

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